Sedgwick County EMS asking for more money to add staff

WICHITA, Kansas – Sedgwick County EMS responded to more than 58,000 calls in 2013.

That number is expected to increase to 60,000 by the end of 2014.

Scott Hadley, the EMS Director for Sedgwick County says during peak hours, 18 crews are staffed to handle emergencies throughout the county.

Hadley is hoping to add more crews to handle the increased call demand.

“We’re requesting two 12 hour, 7 day a week crews to address that,” said Hadley.

The recurring cost of the crews, ambulances and operating expenses would be upwards of $868,000.

Hadley says EMS hasn’t added any stafff since 2011, but says the need is there.

“The demand in the last several years has outpaced the resources to address that in a timely fashion and we believe adding those crews will help us address that.” said Hadley.

The county gets to make the ultimate decisions with the 2015 budget.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn says public safety is a priority, but that the county has several decisions to make when it comes to EMS.

“We’ve got a variety of challenges in the EMS, whether it’s facilities, availability of medicine, or having the right number of crews for this community,” said Peterjohn.

County Manager Bill Buchanan will present his recommended budget to the commissioners on July 16th.

Commissioners will than vote on the 2015 budget on August 13th.





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