KSN investigation into VA continues

Robert J. Dole, VA Medical Center (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – U.S. Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas is calling for answers inside the Wichita VA at the Robert J. Dole Hospital and Medical Center.

The Congressman went inside and asked questions, as KSN Cameras were rolling.

“I still am not getting the answers I need,” says Huelskamp. “Why is there even a secret list to begin with? I am going to continue to press the Director for more answers.”

On Wednesday, Wichita VA Director Francisco Vazquez was not at the office when Huelskamp and KSN began asking questions. Vazquez was attending a leadership conference in Denver. But, Director Vazquez did call on a cell phone to talk to the Congressman.

“So, I gave him the 24-hour deadline to get me answers,” said Huelskamp on Thursday. “He met the deadline, but I am walking away with more questions than answers. This is not over.”

One veteran who saw the KSN investigative story says he, too, wonders why there was a secret list.

“There should be no secret list,” said Army Veteran Rex Pennick. “Why is there a list? We have served our country. Why cant’ we get care we need, when we need it. I’m not asking for special attention. I just want to get care and there have been… challenges getting the care I need. I feel like I’ve fought for my country and now I’m fighting to get medical care. Why do I have to fight twice?”

KSN has requested Freedom of Information from the VA to get more answers.












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