Semi narrowly misses student boarding a bus

PAYNESVILLE, Minnesota (KARE) – The Minnesota State Patrol says the semi truck driver caught on tape passing a school bus on the right and nearly hitting a student has come forward.

The incident happened on Friday, when a semi illegally passed a stopped school bus on Highway 23 between New London and Paynesville.

“It was so close,” said Mike Egerman, who was driving the school bus. “I can’t believe the semi didn’t get her. I can’t believe she’s not dead.”

“The cars just fly right by so it’s very scary,” said Tracy Adams, mother of the 13-year-old girl who was nearly hit. “She could’ve been gone. She could’ve been long gone.”

Cameras inside the bus show the semi blowing past the stopped bus, despite the flashing lights and lowered stop arm.

“(He) wouldn’t stop so I just backed up a little,” said Alexis Schwartz, who was waiting for the bus when the semi approached. “I hope they find him and bring him to jail or something because I don’t want anything like that to ever happen to me again.”

Police say the girl and the driver were uninjured, but they were determined to find the driver who had exercised such poor judgement. The State Patrol released the tape on Tuesday afternoon in hopes the public could help identify the person behind the wheel. On Tuesday night that driver contacted authorities.

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