$1 million in gold stolen from jewelry store

SEATTLE, Washington (KING) – No alarm went off. No motion sensor was tripped. But Sunday night, robbers still managed to snatch nearly $1 million in jewelry from Gold Dimensions in Puyallup, Washington.

“It completely wiped us out,” said owner Lesa Catt, “Who knows where we’re going to go.”

Puyallup Police said the suspects broke into businesses next to Gold Dimensions and cut through walls, searching for the store’s safe. Surveillance cameras capture a tiny, remote camera looking for the loot.

The robbers were able to cut through a wall right behind the safe and steal everything. Employees spent the day calling customers that lost heirlooms and other personal items, telling them they were gone.

“How do you replace someone’s wedding ring when you call someone and they say my wife passed away thirty years ago,” said employee Shannon Tabaka, “This is movie stuff. It is not supposed to happen in real life.”

Police believe the robbers were “professional”, and there were probably up to four involved.

A $10,000 Crimestoppers reward is being offered for any information.

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