The “Sky’s” the limit at River Fest

WICHITA, Kansas – The first day of River Fest has already proven to be hotter than a Jalapeño Twinkie for thousands who turned out Saturday.

“Good food, the smell of the food is one of the best parts,” said Dakota Camp.

“It brings ever body out, said first time visitor Antonio. “Everybody’s enjoying themselves, and having fun, food family affair.”

And what a family a affair it is. We’re talking about a place where the hugs are awkwardly welcomed and free.

At River fest you’re bound to find a little bit of everything. There’s paddle boating, zip lining, music, and food. Best of all, there’s a two and half minute helicopter ride that takes you 400 ft up in the air.

“It’s amazing seeing the view,” said Megan Palmer.” Seeing all the trees the land was beautiful.

Ferris wheels, jets skies, remote control planes, and The Johnsonville Brat Big Taste grill.

“This is the largest touring grill, said grill master Tucker May. “Its 65 feet long, the whole things weighs 53,000 lbs the lid alone you see up there weighs 6,000lbs.”

Those four grills can produce up to 2,500 of the juiciest brats in an hour.

Happy tummy’s plus happy times equals a great day at Wichita River Fest.

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