State unveils redesigned website has launched a redesigned version of the state’s official website. (KSN Photo)

TOPEKA, Kansas – has launched a redesigned version of the state’s official website. Developed at no cost to the state through a unique self-funded model, the new site,, benefits from a number of enhancements including a fresh look and feel, content reorganization, and integration of new technologies.

“I am very pleased to offer this valuable resource to Kansans at no cost to the taxpayers,” said Governor Sam Brownback. “It is important for Kansans to have online access to services that improve the way they interact with government. With this updated site, Kansans and visitors alike are able to easily connect with the information they need.”

The portal’s overall content theme aligns with Governor Brownback’s “Roadmap for Kansas.” Core components of the visual strategy include vibrant photos submitted by users that represent the beauty of Kansas and intentionally restrained use of graphics.

The project, developed in cooperation with several key state agencies, focused on providing a streamlined interface for users who visit the site through mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets.

“The Kansas state portal has made a dramatic move this year to accommodate the rapidly growing shift in user access to government information using mobile technology,” said Jim Hollingsworth, the Executive Director of the Information Network of Kansas. “It is vital that we continue to expand the number and utility of the services we offer and provide them to Kansans in the manner they want and they expect.”

For more than 20 years, Kansas has been a leader in producing award-winning eGovernment services. In 1990 legislation was passed authorizing the creation of the Information Network of Kansas, Inc (INK). In 1991, INK awarded Kansas Information Consortium, LLC, the network manager contract and began eGovernment operations.

This public-private relationship helps Kansas government entities Web-enable their information services. Currently, INK provides online services for over 50 state agencies and over 200 local governments in Kansas, such as court record searches, professional licensing, income tax filing, business registration, auto tag renewal and many more. The portal operates on the following fundamentals:

• Provide increased access to multiple entities with Kansas state, county, and municipal entities.
• Demonstrate the perceived value of collaboration with state portal to state, county, and local governments.
• Develop expanded data distribution mechanisms to citizens, business, and state and local entities.
• Implement an infrastructure environment to accommodate maximum scalability, security, recoverability, and availability.
• Maintain a highly secure environment to attain compliance with applicable industry standards.

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