Pompeo responds to Tiahrt entering the race

Mike Pompeo (KSN File Photo)

Rep. Mike Pompeo responded today to EX-US Rep. Tiahrt entering the Kansas 4th District race.

Congressman Mike Pompeo statement:

“I am surprised that Todd has chosen to attempt to get back the job he abandoned back in 2010. Todd endorsed me in my run for Congress that same year, my first effort to seek political office. Todd also endorsed me in my second campaign, my successful re-election to Congress in 2012. Todd said today, in an attempt to explain his run, that Pompeo doesn’t listen to Kansans. That’s certainly a reversal from his endorsement of me in the 2012 election, when Todd said precisely the opposite:

[Pompeo] has worked hard to listen to Kansans and live up to his campaign promises . . . . [Pompeo] has defended 2nd Amendment rights, opposed the President’s overreaching regulations on hardworking Kansans and fought to reduce spending at every turn . . . . The 4th District of Kansas needs Mike Pompeo fighting to keep the federal government off the backs of small business owners and job creators. (Todd Tiahrt, December 21, 2011) (emphasis added)

“The contrast between these two statements is exactly the kind of classic politician doublespeak that has led voters to so deeply mistrust elected officials.”

Pompeo added, “I’ve already heard from many Republicans who are not happy with Todd’s announcement, as this primary will divert our attention from taking down liberal candidates here in Kansas and all across the country. Now only 60-plus days from the primary, and with no evidence that Todd has raised any money from Kansans nor garnered much support from them to enter this race, these voters have been unable to determine Todd’s reason for running.

“In his 16 years in Congress, Todd voted very differently on a number of critical issues than I have during my 3 1/2 years. For instance, Todd’s embrace of the wasteful earmarking system of old Washington stands in stark contrast to my commitment to fiscal responsibility and cutting spending. I look forward to a robust debate of these major differences in the weeks ahead.”

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