“HiddenCashKS” hides money across the sunflower state

WICHITA, Kansas – @HiddenCashKS launched a page on Twitter Thursday morning.

The anonymous person first hid cash in a Goodland park Thursday afternoon.

Money from the drops will range from $5-100 according to the Twitter account.

The money from the Goodland park was claimed nearly an hour after the first Twitter post.

Evan Peters tweeted out a picture showing he found $10 inside.

KSN caught up with Evan on the phone.

“It was over by the trash can, in the rocks buried down in there, there was a picture of it so I figured it would be in there somewhere.”

Evan says he plans to put the money in his bank account until he can figure out what he wants to put the money towards.

Hidden Cash Photo (Courtesy: Twitter)

Hidden Cash Photo (Courtesy: Twitter)

Already, @HiddenCash is happening in California, and it inspired others to do the same in Colorado.

On Wednesday, @HiddenCashCO tweeted about hidden cash.

The friends behind the Twitter account hid six envelopes stuffed with $40 of free cash around the City of Boulder and tweeted clues to locations of the envelopes.

Dozens of people followed the trail of clever rhyming clues, which began at 10:41 a.m. Wednesday.

Last week, an anonymous man with the Twitter handle @HiddenCash began hiding cash across San Francisco, leading scores on a scavenger hunt.

His Twitter following exploded from a few hundred Friday to more than 80,000 and counting by midday Tuesday.

It has been causing an international frenzy on social media.

Last night cash drops started being made across the Wichita area.

One lucky person found $5 near the Keeper of the Plains and other clues showed a drop had been made near Lawrence Dumont Stadium.


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