Walmart employee claims he was told to sit in bathroom for shift

BOSSIER CITY, Louisiana – A Walmart employee says he was forced to spend his entire shift inside a store bathroom. The man’s family is upset, saying he’s being treated unfairly due to a recent injury.

On Friday, the manager gave 59-year-old Roger Digilormo the duty of watching the bathroom after being placed on light duty.

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay here, it’s so hot I can’t breathe in here,” said Digilormo in a cell phone video.

His family is upset about the assignment saying there is nothing normal about the job and that it is degrading and embarrassing.

His brother Carl took cell phone video of the incident.

“He’s not doing very well today. He’s sick from sitting in the restroom having to smell feces and urine all day,” said Carl DiGilormo, brother. “I can’t believe that someone would do that to somebody. It’s unreal to me”

Walmart spokeswoman Katie Cody says, “He was asked to move from restroom to restroom to monitor and make sure they were tidy, because that is an area of customer service that can always been improved,” but confirms that Walmart stores do not have bathroom attendants. “We are certainly looking into it and making sure we can address this appropriately.”

Cody says all Walmart bathrooms have air conditioning, and that he was provided a chair for his convenience, but that he wasn’t told he had to sit in there.

Roger says his brother intends to show up for his next shift.

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