Vandals spray paint tombstones with orange paint

MARSHALL COUNTY, Kentucky (WPSD) – Virginia Smith has had her tombstone places at the Union Ridge Cemetery in Marshall County, Kentucky for seven or eight years.

She said she didn’t want her children to have to deal with it when she’s gone, but now she’s dealing with vandalism.

Her tombstone was one of five in the cemetery spray painted with orange paint.

Both the front and back are covered with ugly words.

She learned about the vandalism Wednesday night.

She was angry to hear about it and furious when she saw it.

She was sure surprised to see she wasn’t alone.

“I really was, that they had done that much to that many different plots,” she said.

She was more surprised to learn she knew every other person affected. Now, she’s not so sure it was a random act of vandalism.

“They picked out people that know each other, and it’s strange that they would do that,” she said.

Brenda Sirls said she thinks it’s personal. Two of her relatives’ tombstones were spray painted.

“My mother didn’t go to the churches out here. So, I don’t know how they could connect that other than her being my mother, so it has to be personal,” she said.

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