Train slams into car

ORLANDO, Florida (WESH) – Video released by the Florida Department of Transportation shows a SunRail train crashing into a car that was stalled on the tracks in Maitland, Florida on Monday.

The video shows how a 28-year-old woman barely escaped from her car before the train slammed into it.

According to police, the driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries while scrambling to get out of her car before the 285,000-pound train hit it at 40 mph. She was struck by debris from the crash as she was moving away from the tracks.

No one on the train was hurt.

Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Olson said officials are slightly frustrated that the message to stay off the train tracks has not sunk in with drivers.

“We’re trying pretty hard to get the message out there,” Olson said. “We’ll continue to do that.”

Officials are also looking into the possibility of adding four crossing arms to each intersection instead of two.

“Crossings that aren’t exactly perpendicular to the road, maybe there’s a way to gate it down so you’ve got all four areas gated down,” Olson said.

Investigators said the incident was the woman’s fault. She was ticketed.

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