Ducks take a trip through the school hallways

WICHITA, Kansas – Pleasant Valley Elementary School teachers spent their last day of school escorting three ducklings from the school courtyard.

The mother built a nest in the enclosed school courtyard about two months ago.

The teachers used boards to guide the little ducks through the school hallways and out the door.

The mother flew up on the roof, but she was later reunited with her ducklings at the front of the school.

“For their safety, we have to send them on their way,” said Kathy Asher, Librarian Media Specialist . “We visit with them and calm their fears. It is fun to watch them. Mom is so protective. It is just fun to see how well she takes care of her babies.”

Last year, the mother had 12 ducks.

This year she had laid about nine eggs, but only three ducks survived due to the extreme cold.

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