Saline County rejects KDHE grant for birth control

Saline County Health Department (KSN File Photo)

SALINA, Kan. – The Saline County Commission has rejected a federal grant for contraceptives after a
commissioner said accepting money for intrauterine devices would be like murder.

Commissioner John Price said during a meeting Tuesday he opposes the use of intrauterine devices, or IUDs. The grant of $6,064 from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment would have funded the devices.

“I’m not for it, I’m 100 percent against it and I think its murder to take this money from the federal government, its only 6-thousand dollars, but to me its murder and I’m not standing for it,” said John Price, County Commissioner.

At the commission meeting, Jeanette Peroli, a nurse practitioner with the department, said this is a reliable form of contraception that is easy to use.

“I have a lot of people who are interested in it and at this point what I have to do is send them to physicians to get them done,” said Peroli.

Price said she gave Price information that IUDs are contraceptives and do not abort a pregnancy.

“I did provide him some information saying they are not abortive devices and I’d like to see some information from him, some literature that does say that they are,” Peroli told the commission.

“I’m not listening to anyone but the doctors I’ve talked to and I’ve gone online and it said the same thing and I’m not changing my stand, that’s my stand, so my answer is absolutely not,” said Price in the meeting.

Peroli continued, during the meeting, that she believes this is a grant worth taking for the people of Salina.

“I believe these devices will not do that [cause an abortion] because of the literature and the background that I have researched and I feel its very important to provide adequate birth control for our community because they are asking for it,” said Peroli.

The head of the health department, Bronson Farmer, reacted to the vote Wednesday.

“The level of controversy was a surprise for me, the amount of opposition we had to this,” said Farmer.

The Salina-Saline County Health Department will still provide other forms of birth control to patients.

“They have to approve all our contracts, all of our anything, and this is considered a contract with KDHE to accept these funds, so they would have it in their power to accept or decline these dollars,” said Farmer.

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