Victoria finding a new way to keep football field green

VICTORIA, Kansas – The extreme drought means you can’t water your lawn in Victoria and the same goes for the school football field.

Now, some parents are working to keep the field’s grass alive and ready for the fall, by setting out eight hundred rain barrels around town.

“We’ve just converted the gutters that are on these buildings and dropped them right into these tanks so we’re just catching water that way,” says John Weber who is helping out with the project. Terry Riedel is a parent of a football player and he says, “You’d be surprised what half and inch of rain would do, you’re talking about thousands of gallons of water off of a machine shed roof.”

After the rainwater is collected, it’s brought to and deposited in a large tank, located right next to the football field.

The school says astro-turf would be the best option, but the district can’t afford it.

So administrators are relieved that parents have found a creative solution.

“We’re glad they’ve taken the initiative, you know we’ve explored a lot of alternatives ourselves, but at this point we’re glad that the parents are willing to support the school,” said Stuart Moeckel the principle and athletic director at Victoria High School.

Parents say their motivation for a green field, is safety.

“The main reason is a safety issue for the kids, definitely with the playing surface being so hard, and the greener it is the softer the field is, that’s just the way it should be,” said Weber.

They hope mother nature, with a little help from some dedicated parents, will make a difference.

“In these conditions you just try to make it best for the kids,” says Riedel.

Volunteers help to pump the water in and out of the tank and barrels with trucks and pumps that they already own. The fire department also helped out by training on the football field this week.

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