KSN visits Moore one year after tornado

MOORE, Oklahoma – Clean slabs are still left behind.

It is a reminder that last year’s tornado in Moore took so much.

For Felicia Highnote, the EF-5 took it all.

“All the walls were down. We barely salvaged some clothes from it.”

Fast forward one year later, and Felicia Highnote is now happy to have a new $3,000 storm shelter.

The anniversary includes a nearly finished living room, bedroom, and a shelter.

“I’m very tired and just ready to be back in my community.”

On this anniversary with so many reminders, it is the neighbors and people that really matter.

She says Moore will always be home.

“It is going to be tough. For the next couple of years, they are still going to be rebuilding. There are still going to be lots that are empty. They’re still going to be rebuilding the parks. It is definitely tough, but it is good to see the community coming together again. All of us are there for each other.”


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