And “The Voice” Is…

(NBC) Season six of “The Voice” wraps up tonight with the crowning of a new winner.

Three very different singers each had their final chances to earn America’s vote last night.

“I felt really good. Those performances turned out the way that I wanted them to. I feel good about every one of them,” Josh Kaufman said after his turn in the spotlight.

Kaufman’s coach, Usher, was even more positive.

“Man, he brought it and then some!” he said.

Christina Grimmie was also out to impress both voters and her coach, Adam Levine.

“One of my main goals was to make him proud to have me on his team,” Grimmie said.

Levine is proud, and also confident about the outcome.

“Christina won the night. That is so obvious to me,” he said.

Jake Worthington and Blake Shelton got to showcase their country kinship both on stage and backstage.

Like his fellow finalists, Worthington was left waiting for America’s choice.

“I can’t be stressed. I can’t be worried. None of us can. We’ve all won,” he said.

But for someone, this will be a life-changing night.

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