Wichita woman’s dog is returned

UPDATE: KSN News has learned Amanda Lamb’s miniature dachshund, Rippen, has been returned.

He had been missing for five days.

Lamb says the mystery couple on surveillance holding the dog called her in the middle of the night after the story made headlines.

Lamb says she was told her dog was running around the parking lot and jumped into the couple’s car.

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WICHITA, Kansas – It has been five days since Amanda Lamb’s miniature dachshund disappeared, and the last time he was seen was on surveillance video in the hands of complete strangers.

“He’s my baby,” said Lamb. “It is like stealing someone’s child.”

A half full doggy bowl sits in a corner next to a basket of toys.

It belongs to Rippen  and his owner wants him back.

“I left Rippen in the car,” said Lamb. “The windows were cracked open .”

The temperature was about 60 degrees that day. Lamb says she made a quick stop at Sally’s located in a shopping plaza off Harry and Rock nearly a week ago.

She says she was in the store for about 10 minutes when she noticed her sliding door to her mini van was open and Rippen was gone.

“I started to scream.”

Lamb insists she locked her doors. Although no one saw what happened, Sandy Harris who owns Closet Junkie, saw the dog.

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Harris says a couple seen in a surveillance picture had come into her store holding Rippen claiming they had found him outside.

“We established he wasn’t a stray,” said Harris.

Harris says she offered to keep the dog until the owner showed up, but the couple declined, and then they disappeared. Minutes later she heard Lamb screaming for her dog.

” They said, we’ll post him on Craigslist, and we’ll put flyers out, and we’ll find his owner,” said Harris.

Harris believed the couple would make good on their word and so did Lamb.

“I’ve just been watching Craiglist every 15 minutes. Everytime, I check it, it hurts cause he’s not on there,” said Lamb.

Lamb has filed a police report. Unfortunately, without a name or license number, there isn’t much they can do.

She continues to check animal control and put up signs across the city. Lamb is offering a reward for her dog’s safe return.


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