KSN looks into water complaints in Andover

Water (KSN File Photo)

ANDOVER, Kansas — Several Andover residents contacted KSN this week to ask what is wrong with the water. Just off Andover Road, many residents are saying there is a strong chlorine odor and taste in the water.

KSN asked Wichita Public Works.

“Yes, we do provide all the water and the water lines for Andover,” says Ben Nelson with Wichita Public Works. “We got a few calls about that yesterday evening, Thursday evening and went out and we flushed the water main. And we did some samples and testing this morning and everything out in Andover looks to be in good shape.”

Nelson says Wichita has put in a new water main in the North part of Andover, and they “super chlorinate” the water after flushing the system. That so-called “super chlorinate” keeps the water safe.

“Just to make sure everything is clean when we put the water main in full service and there may have been a little bit left in there,” says Nelson. “But that is a normal thing for us.”

Nelson says the amount of chlorination is safe to drink and meets federal and state guidelines. But, if you still smell or taste chlorine, you should flush it out.

“Let the water from the tap run for at least 30 seconds and that should get rid of it,” explains Nelson. “If not, we would be happy to come test the water.”

From Wichita Public Works:
Most Recent Water Quality Report

Wichita Public Works encourages anyone with concerns to contact them. The lab number is (316)269-4771. People with questions about water taste, odor, or other quality concerns can call that number to sort through their questions. They can also take samples from their properties to test water quality.

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