Wichita project wish list includes Lawrence-Dumont renovations

WICHITA, Kansas – There’s nothing like opening day at the ballpark and the hopes of a new season.

But this one brings word of a study to renovate Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, the 79-year-old stadium that is home of the Wingnuts and the National Baseball Congress World Series.

“Our staff and the city do a great job of maintaining the facility, but the wave of minor league baseball is going to new ballparks,” Josh Robertson, general manager of the Wingnuts and National Baseball Congress, said.

Last week, city leaders talked about a $3 billion wish list of projects to grow the quality of life in Wichita.

Included in that is $49 million for major improvements to Lawrence-Dumont stadium.

Team officials say they are encouraged by the study.

“If that were to go through and we were to build a new stadium and add some more family amenity items at the ballpark, it would be great for both the World Series and the pro team,” Robertson said.

The big concern though is finding the money, which the city says would likely involve some sort of public-private partnership.

Quality of Life Facilities – Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

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