Pet Project: Aaron

Adrian Fox, from the Kansas Humane Society, brought a dog with him today.

Adrian answers the following questions:

  • We live close to a tornado siren & when they test it or it goes off, our Yorkies just go ballistic. How do we calm them down?
  • How can you find a pet sitter? We’re looking for someone to visit & spend time with our two dogs while we’re gone.
  • We’re having an exterminator come out to spray. Is the spray they use okay? We have a mamma cat and her 3 babies.
  • We adopted a couple of baby guinea pigs but they always hide in the corners of the cage, it seems like they don’t like the bedding we use (grass & straw from our farm). We tried small, soft blankets and that didn’t work either. We used to buy hardwood shavings.

If you have a question for the Kansas Humane Society, send it to and we will try to get it on the air.

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