Wichita company Chance Rides featured by AOL

Chance Rides

WICHITA, Kan. — AOL is spotlighting Chance Rides in its latest episode of “This Built America”, a series about U.S. manufacturing.

The Wichita company is the largest maker of amusement rides like carousels, roller coasters and trains.

“My dad actually started the business after he came back from WWII. He built the miniature steam train. When he started building them in 1961, he said if I build 10 of these, that would be a big deal, and now we’ve built 400,” said Dick Chance.

Chance says the company almost went bankrupt in 2000 when business dropped off 60 percent but the family never gave up.

Now Chance Rides is back on track, selling its attractions around the world.

Full Video from AOL

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