Spring garden tour this weekend

(KSN photo)

The Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardeners will be sponsoring their Spring Garden Tour this weekend featuring six landscapes throughout Wichita.

The press release highlights the following locations:

A 3-season Garden
12206 W. Autumn Ridge St. Wichita, near W. 13th and N. 119th

In this beautiful garden, you’ll see three of four seasons: spring, in real time; and summer and fall in five large photo displays. Colors of tulips, daffodils and iris brighten spring. Perennials and annuals add vivid, saturated hues to summer. Then, slowly, colors morph to the muted tones of fall. Rustic stone steps provide a gorgeous transition between the beautiful, peaceful deck and a sunken patio overlooking the lake. See how gardens change right before your eyes.

Flora & Fauna: A certified Wildlife Habitat
12122 W. Autumn Ridge Ct., Wichita, near W. 13th and N. 119th

Birds, butterflies, ducks and even wild turkeys know that Karen’s garden is the “go-to” place. As you stroll through the garden, you’ll understand why. This certified wildlife habitat has a duck-sized patio – just for duck feeding – by the lake. Along with butterfly- and bird- friendly mixes of plants and berry-laden trees, you — and the birds — can enjoy an abundance of bird feeders, baths and houses. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get to feed a duck!

The Calverts’ Creekside Garden
11317 W Lost Creek Cir., Wichita, near W. Central and N. 119th

Ferns, hostas, dappled shade, a secluded fairy garden tucked under a deck that overlooks a shimmering creek … this creekside garden is a place of peace … a place to BE. Rustic stone pathways give direction on where to go and patios give you places to stay. Shady spots are filled with lush hostas, ferns, heucheras and climbing hydrangea. Sunny areas sport 32 roses, clematis and an amazing display of mixed perennials, grasses, shrubs, vegetables and annuals. Don’t miss this garden!

Connie’s Country Garden
5441 W 79th South, Haysville, near S. Hoover and W. 79th

How do you go from a two-acre hayfield to a country garden of native prairie flowers in seven years? You’ll learn how in this garden. Experiencing the freedom of wide open spaces in a country garden is invigorating in itself, but when you pause to take in a spectacular display of perennials and annuals, your senses really come into play. If two ponds and an abundance of prairie-proud flowers, don’t win you over, wait until you see the 225 daylily specimens!

A World of Blackberries, Bermuda & Blooms
309 Park Dr., Haysville, near W. 71st S. (Grand) and Meridian

Only four years old, this beautiful, fun and edible garden is actually several gardens in one. Each individual garden is cleverly designed as an “outdoor room” –- some are furnished with vibrant plantings for viewing; others are neatly arranged with rows of vegetables for eating; and all are set up to provide multiple opportunities for learning. One lesson you won’t want to miss in this garden: how to keep Bermuda from invading your beds.

Always in Transition: The Maturing Garden
3801 Alberta, Derby, W. of K-15 and Market

From a peach orchard, to a skimpy grass plot, to a lush, beautiful garden, this little piece of paradise has seen some serious transition. It was inspired by a love of roses. Since the garden’s beginning in 1980, roses have come and gone. So have pine trees and other plantings. This garden, like all gardens, has transitional periods. You’ll love what you see now … 14 trees, 84 shrubs and a formal rose garden. Oh yes, and more roses – 38 of them!

Food and Flowers in Harmony
919 Beau Jardin St., Derby, near Rock Rd. and James

It’s OK to plant zucchini next to zinnias. That’s what you’ll learn from this garden. The owners started this garden with a clean palette and a canvas of heavy clay. Their inspiration was to blend vegetable, fruit and flower plantings to create a multi-purpose yard. They now have an eclectic variety of food and flowers, including two peach trees, three apple trees and three grapevines. Half of the yard is planted with flowers, fruits and vegetables, happily mingled, and all neat and neighborly.

The Arc Sedgwick County, Rows of Sharin’ Community Garden
2919 W. 2nd St. North, Wichita, E. of 2nd and West St.

Working in a garden is therapeutic. This is particularly true at the Rows of Sharin’ Community Garden, a hands-on learning garden for the ARC of Sedgwick County. It provides horticultural therapy for individuals and families living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The garden boasts a mix of vegetables, flowers and shrubs that is pleasant to the eye as well as the palate. Like all of the gardens on the tour, you will find beauty, ideas and inspiration here.

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