Nurseries selling drought resistant plants

GREAT BEND, Kan. — It’s an ongoing drought debate, how to keep a lawn looking good in a severe drought.

For some the answer is drought resistant plants.

Debby Poppelreiter was out shopping for flowers today she said that because, “We are getting less rain, and take less water to take care of them, and stay hearty and again last all season.”

Nurseries have seen more people coming in wanting to xeriscape which helps people to landscape for drier weather.

Chad Lagerman owns the Northview Nursery and Landscape, he says, “We have some people who have read about it and have had some trouble with some shrubs in the past, and they want a solution so we try to help them plan it out.”

When most people think of drought resistant plants they think of plants that look like cactuses but what they don’t know is that plants like this shrubrose also do well in dry weather.

“That’s mainly what I thought, and I see here that they have a whole area of drought resistant and I have a whole area in my yard and I need that cause I can’t get the water to them, so I think it’s a great idea,” says Janice Birzer who was out at a nursery shopping today.

Teaching about xeriscaping is something that’s becoming important to people during the drought to preserve water in the future.

“You know that planning and the choice of plants that you make, and as far as that goes like i said the curb appeal, the flowering shrubs, and you can still conserve water, that’s the important thing,” said Lagerman.

Drought resistant plants can be found at nurseries all over the state.

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