Neighbors react to Roseberry shooting

WICHITA- KS-It was a long night and exhausting morning for residents living on Roseberry. They say their night went from catching up with neighbors to running for their lives.

“I was sitting out here with my friends we all hear bang and then 7 more shots after that,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

As bullets flew past them, neighbors tell KSN they immediately fell to the ground while others ran into their homes to call 911.

“I have kids, friend has a couple of kids, [and his] wife is pregnant 7 months pregnant and sitting out here when this happened,” the man said.” There’s people who live down from me that’s got 6 or 7 kids ok. Come on, kids across the street, why? Could’ve been one of them kids that got hit last night.”

The neighbor told KSN he had no idea a young woman had died feet away from his house until the victim’s husband arrived.

“Her husband come ups, they had to put him in an ambulance, he said. “He was going my wife is dead, my wife is dead what am I going to do? I have four babies at home.”

With no suspects Wichita police kept most of Roseberry blocked off overnight and early Wednesday morning as they reconstructed the scene. Neighbors say this was not only an inconvenience for them, but an awful reminder that their homes may not be safe.

“Now I have friends ready to move out of here. Pretty scary cause you don’t know , one day from the next if something  is going to come flying through your house and get you, the neighbor said.

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