Dodge City School District asks for fewer tax dollars

DODGE CITY, Kan. — The school budget fight in Topeka has led to good news for Dodge City Schools.

“This year’s legislation helped to equalize [districts across the state] so those of us in poorer districts, in terms of property value, will get some equalization from the state,” said Superintendent of Schools Alan Cunningham.

USD 443 is considered a poor district, so it’s getting more help this year from state fund and that means they don’t need as much money from the taxpayers. They’re estimating the schools’ mill levy will drop 3.7 mills, from 60.502 to an estimated 56.722 mills.

By decreasing the mill, property owners will save on taxes.  A home worth $100,000 would be taxed about $42 less each year.

“I think the taxpayers will be pleasantly surprised,” said County Treasurer Debra Pennington. “Every little bit helps, especially for people living on a fixed income, and we have quite a few.”

Even with fewer tax dollars coming in the school district will be seeing more money because of the state, funding programs and necessary renovations for the growing number of students.

“Between the city, the county, the community college, and the school district, we pay a substantial amount of taxes,” said Cunningham. “Anytime we can reduce those taxes and still deliver good services for our kids, we should all be happy.”

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