“Sweet Pea” – Backyard Urinals?

(KGET) Californians are looking for ways to conserve water due to the state’s ongoing drought.

Now a Bakersfield man has invented a way guys can conserve at the can.

It’s called “Sweet Pea”, and it’s basically an outdoor urinal for men.

“You know, I would be in the backyard taking care of the flower beds and I would hear, “You kids! Don’t go in the house soaking wet. Go over there and pee in the flower bed.” And, I’m thinking, I’m going to be digging in that in a little bit,” explains inventor Mike Henson.

Henson came up with the backyard Sweet Pea a year and a half ago. It’s a decorative clay sculpture with a drain fitted to a pipe.

“This fits down into the pipe and it’s shaped so it won’t splash and the urine runs out real quickly,” Henson says, describing how his invention works.

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