Mulvane concerned about future water supply

Water (KSN File Photo)

MULVANE, Kan. – The City of Mulvane is looking for a way to make sure its water supply doesn’t run dry. 

Currently the city buys 200 million gallons of water a year from the City of Augusta, which it gets from El Dorado Lake. That contract won’t expire until 2031, but administrators are concerned that may not be enough.

“Right now we do not anticipate, and things could change, but we don’t anticipate the water rate increasing, said Mulvane City Administrator Kent Hixson.

With water demands on the rise and the Kansas Star Casino, now the largest water customer for the city, there are many concerns including a 60-year-old underground pipeline. It supplies water to 2,500 Mulvane residents and casino guests.

“It’s a metal pipe and like everything else it’s wearing out,” said Hixson. “It’s had some significant leaks over time.”

Mulvane is considering 3 options: repair the pipeline, replace it, or stop relying on Augusta completely and find its own source of water. However either option with the pipeline will cost.

The total price tag for building a new pipeline would cost more than $34 million. The cost to repair could be $1 million per mile.

Regardless, the city knows it has to do something to increase its access to water as its needs continue to increase.

A water treatment facility is currently under construction. It would utilize the city’s five wells, treating up to 1.5 million gallons each day, to supplement the water it gets from the pipeline in Augusta.

The facility would also be able to provide Mulvane with a 30-day supply of water “if” there were issues with the pipeline.

The long-term consideration would be to  consider getting water directly from El Dorado.

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