GE Aviation lands contract to bring jobs to Cowley Co.

ARKANSAS CITY, Kansas — A new $220 million contract from the government is coming to Kansas. Arkansas City’s GE Aviation won the award.

“This really fits in well with what we are trying to do here,” says Kerri Falletti with Cowley First.

Cowley First is a group that promotes Arkansas City, Winfield and Cowley County. And Cowley County has been on a roll landing new jobs.

“Well, it’s more than adding new jobs, and we are doing that here in the county, but it’s more than that,” explains Falletti. “In Cowley County, our philosophy is to take care of the existing businesses that we do have. We work very closely with these employers, so when we know about new, potential projects or expansions for them. We work with them on how we can get that located.”

GE Aviation is not alone in bringing in new work to the county. Creekstone Farms is adding a few hundred jobs that will be phased in over time with a new processing line at the beef processing plant. Rubbermaid is adding jobs nearby as well.

“It’s a challenge to get business to locate to a new place, we understand that,” says Falletti. “We are going after new business. But, you have to take care of business.”

GE Aviation says the work will be on Navy T700 helicopter engine repair and overhaul. The work with the new contract will continue through at least 2019.

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