Farmers looking at a bad wheat harvest

“This is about the worst wheat crop that I’ve seen in quite a while,” says Aaron Baldwin, who farms wheat at Circle K Farms.

A dry year and high temperatures have really hurt the wheat crop and what farmers think they’ll be able to harvest.

“I don’t really know, maybe not any. It’ll be pretty slim, probably anywhere from 50 percent on average of what we would typically harvest,” says Baldwin.

It’s looking so bad, some farmers wish the recent hail had been worse.

If the crop was wiped out altogether by the hail they could collect insurance right away, without the added expense of harvesting.

Agronomist Aaron Wolff says, “It sounds pessimistic but in the same token farming’s a business and we just got to look at all the economic factors, and for some farmers that have good hail insurance coverage, that is the best economic outlook for them at this point.”

During this time of year this wheat should be a lot taller and a lot fuller, and typically it would be twice as tall or about thigh high.

“It’s obviously pretty thin where you can still see ground cover from here, it’s not the thick tilled plants that we’re normally used to,” says Baldwin.

For farmers like Baldwin, it’s a frustration, they’re all too used to.

“It’s pretty disappointing, we do have the ability to insure things to help us get by but it’s never as exciting as cutting a bumper crop or even just a good crop,” said Baldwin.

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