Edwards County without power due to storms

KINSLEY, Kansas – Storms Sunday night caused a lot of anxiety in parts of Kansas, shutting down power for some towns for hours.

“Some of those storms when they moved through last night, each and every one of them got a little stronger,” says Richard Neilson, the Emergency Management Director for Edwards County.

The storms knocked down several power lines north of Kinsley leaving most of Edwards County without power.

It included Kinsley High School where classes were canceled.

Administrators are getting around using flashlights.

“I have to make a decision you know at a certain time probably, we’ll wait until the morning just to make sure, again with our emergency manager giving me updates, we’re lucky that way so I can kinda keep informed, but our biggest thing is safety,” said Kinsley Superintendent Bob Davies.

Power crews spent the entire day working to restore service, while residents were just trying to pick up the community.

Justin Miller was one of those residents helping out.

“Just cleaning up, the whole community just pitches in, we’re cleaning up tree limbs all over town,” said Miller.

Some power is expected to be restored in Edwards County tonight, but with all those power poles downed by the storm, there’s no solid time frame for when all the electricity will be back on.

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