Thieves steal from disabled kids

WICHITA, Kan. – At Orchard Park there are no scores kept, only smiles and cheers are what matter there. But on Saturday, Lanie Armstrong the founder of Miracle League of Wichita says the sounds of happiness were almost lost as  they prepared for game day.

“We came to the field we were getting set up, the P.A. system was brought out and turned our back for about 5 minutes and the P.A. system disappeared,” said Armstrong.

30 minutes before the first game to be exact.

“I’ve got 110 kids with varying degrees of special needs,” said Armstrong. “This is the tem they can play on and be accepted. They don’t sit on the bench they actually get to play and participate in a team sport. To have somebody steal from these kids its really really personal its kind of unfathomable.”

“If you spend time watching them when they hear their name off the pa system their faces light up, said Susan Cox a supporter of the games.

With or without a P.A. system, the games went on.

The first games we were yelling as loud as we can, said Armstrong.

It’s hard ‘cause you’re trying to read their shirts so you can yell for them,” said Cox.

But much like their name, a miracle began to happen one after the other.

“We had a very nice church bring us a little portable pa system and then the parks and recreation came up with something for us to use,” said Armstrong.

Despite all the victories on the field the thought of someone stealing lingers.

Parks and Recreation have filed a report with Wichita Police Department.

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