Next steps for Joyland

WICHITA, Kansas- – In a week that saw several artifacts from the Joyland Amusement Park either donated to other organizations or purchased, KSN asked what is next for the group that has spent years trying to restore the park.

The Joyland Restoration Project has spent three years raising money, in hopes of being to restore Joyland to its former glory.

In that time, the non-profit organization has raised $10,281 through various fundraisers and donations from supporters of the park.

The group has now turned to weighing their options for the future.

The carousel was donated by the Nelson family to Botanica on Tuesday.

The following day, the Historical Preservation Alliance of Wichita and Sedgwick County moved six items, including a stagecoach and the original roller coaster ticket booth to Garvey Warehouse.

The hope is to restore those items at a later date.

Glen Lang, the Vice President of The Joyland Restoration Project says the group has thrown out the idea of donating the current funds to help those two organizations with their efforts.

“We think both organizations are great organizations and if that’s what our supporters and followers want to happen, that’s what we would love to do,” said Lang.

People who’ve taken to the groups Facebook page have also asked if they could get their donations back, if the group decides to donate it’s funds to other groups.

it’s something Lang says the group would entertain.

“If somebody feels pretty strongly about their donation going towards whatever we decide to donate the money to, they’re more than welcome to contact us,” said Lang.

If you would like to give your feedback to the Joyland Restoration Project about what they should do next pertaining to the park, you can visit their Facebook group under the same name.



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