KSN gets a look inside the Emergency Operations Center

EOC Training (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – When disaster strikes, you want to be protected.

On Friday, KSN joined in on a training session at the Emergency Operations Center and met with Cody Charvat, a training officer.

“It’s the difference between night and day. The technology has just taken us out of the dark ages almost and brought us front and center into technology. It helps make the process so much better.”

Charvat is talking about the E-Log System being used at the center.

“It gives public safety community an opportunity to coordinate with one another for big events say like River Run at the Riverfest or if there were some type of natural disaster like a tornado,” said Sgt. Dan Hershberger, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

On top of being able to coordinate resources, the simple program allows officials from every city or county agency to get the information they need to the people who need it.

“Instead of going through dispatch and their dispatch and on and on, they can just lean in forward across the front of their desk,” said Charvat.

“Having the key players if you will in one area, the communication between them is so much. You’re not trying to call someone and try to get his information, to try to bring in someone else from over here,” said Rich Harris, Wichita Fire Department.

The program also can be used to get information to the public through the county website.

Residents can find out basic things like road closures to more pressing needs once disaster strikes like where shelters are located, where they can find first aid stations, and how to get emergency food and water.

“When everybody’s in the same room, it just goes so much better. Everybody’s communicating between themselves if you need financial assistance, whatever, everybody’s here. So, everything can be approved and move things right down the road,” added Harris.

Officials warn of the importance of having things set on the home front. They advise that everyone should have an emergency plan, a disaster kit on hand, and a way to stay informed.

To keep track of when the EOC is activated, you can click here.

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