Are your Facebook friends offenders?

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (WTLV) – A Facebook application allows users to know who their real friends are.

The app scans your friends and matches anyone who is linked as a sex offender in the national registry.

In a world where more friends and more views helps you get your name out there, there’s always a potential for danger.

“Just random people add me and it’s weird,” said Sonora Clemente.

Here’s how it works:

You type in Friend Verifier App on your Facebook search bar. Then, go to the page and click on the app. Click scan your friends and within seconds you’ll see results.

“I think it will be great, kids are always adding cause it’s a contest to see who has the most friends,” said Susan Bullock, a parent.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement allows you to sign up for email that alerts you when a sex offender moves in close to your neighborhood. However, with this app you can find out if they are closer than you think.

The scan color codes results: yellow means there’s a name match, orange is a name and location match, and the red alert means your Facebook friend’s name, location and date of birth matches a sex offender’s.

“You never know who’s on the other side of a computer screen,” said Clemente.

The app has already been used 2.3 million times and the creator based out of New York plans to expand it to Twitter this summer. Some say it’s a great addition to the social media world.

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