Radio station in Meade damaged by downburst

MEADE, Kansas – Patrick Green was hosting the evening show on KJIL Wednesday evening when part of the roof blew off.

“Everything shook and then we kind of heard a loud bang. The whole building kind of vibrated, and the building is cement so you don’t think of the wind being able to shake a cement building, but it definitely did,” he said.

The damage was caused by a downburst of wind that put a lot of pressure on the building.  A downburst is very concentrated, so nearby areas didn’t see any damage.

In this case, it didn’t help that the 22 year old roof was pulling up on side.  It’s fixable problems like that, that roofers say are a real issue in Kansas.

“It will allow negative pressure to pull the material lose from the roof, and then the wind will get under it and blow it right off,” said Steve Douglas, the President of the Kansas Roofers Association.

Douglas said sometimes damage is unavoidable, but it’s a good idea to take time every spring to check that gutters and vents are secure or have a professional come in.

The wind took about two inches of sturdy material right off the roof, exposing the dropped ceiling below, but he station considers themselves pretty lucky.  No one was hurt and for once, Green said the lack of rain was a good thing.

“I think we’re pretty blessed cause if it had rained, it would have come in, and we would have had a lot of damage, [there’s] a lot of high tech and expensive equipment,” he said.

They’d already started patching up the damage by Thursday afternoon just in case any rain does come their way.

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