Strong winds derail train, knock down power poles

GALVA, Kansas – Strong winds that blew through central Kansas knocked a train off the tracks, downed power lines and damaged roofs.

No serious injuries were reported after Wednesday night’s storms.

The McPherson County Sheriff’s office says most of the damage was reported in Canton and Galva, where wind blew 33 cars of a freight train off the tracks.

The sheriff’s office says two people were on board but no one was hurt.

Work is continuing to clean up the cars.

Westar Energy reported 12 poles in that area were damaged, knocking out power to about 650 people. Power was restored around 8:30 a.m.

The National Weather Service says the winds reached 65 to 80 mph as the storm moved north out of Harper County.

Power lines and trees also were downed in Dickinson County, with damage reported in Abilene and Carlton.

Crews working to restore power in Galva, Kan.

Damage a Galva building received due to high winds.

Damage a Galva building received due to high winds.

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