The Nanny with “The Voice”

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (KARE) – The votes are still coming in from last night’s performance on The Voice, but Kat Perkins is already the winner with the Keller family. She’s their nanny.

“She’s like a daughter to us, she’s such a part of our family,” says Stephannie Keller, mother to five kids between the ages of 7 and 19. “We’re out of our minds excited.”

Perkins performed a raucous rendition of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” on Monday night’s live show, greeted by equally raucous cheers from the Keller family watching from their Edina home.

“We miss her terribly, but we’re hoping for her sake she’s never a nanny again,” said Stephannie Keller.

The Scranton, North Dakota native met the Keller family through a friend after moving to the Twin Cities more than a decade ago. She came for holidays and eventually took over nanny duties for the family, while the Keller parents were working.

“We’re used to Kat, middle of the winter wearing mukluks, carrying a laundry bag up the stairs,” said Pete Keller, father of the clan.

The Kellers – who encouraged Perkins to audition for The Voice – now realize it’s probably cost them a nanny. That said, her position is still being held. To do otherwise, could be a jinx, says Stephannie. “Our nanny from North Dakota, oh my God, I’m so proud of her I could cry.”

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