Protecting kids against heat illnesses

WICHITA, Kan. – The heat could be dangerous to anyone out in it for too long. That includes student athletes and kids on the playground. So what precautions should you take?

Over the last few days, coaches and teachers are depending on students to voice any kind of signs of heat illnesses; such as headaches, nausea, or an increase of thirst.

Since, children generate more heat than adults, but are less capable of releasing it than adults; coaches at Collegiate say they are limiting the amount of time their athletes are outside. In fact, they are making athletes warm up in doors before heading outside.

Track & Field Coach Don Funke says all coaches and even parents should  pay attention to their children’s need  now that temperatures have reached triple digits this early in the season.

“Air on the side of caution, give them breaks, lessen the workout, said Funke.“ We don’t need to do that much with this heat.”

Funke says the most important key to helping kids survive the heat is water. Keep them hydrated before and while they’re outside.

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