Joyland carousel to go to Botanica

Joyland Merry-Go-Round (Photo Courtesy: Botanica)

WICHITA, Kansas – The owners of the Joyland Amusement Park have donated the Joyland carousel to Botanica.

Botanica’s initial plan is to place the carousel near the Downing Children’s Garden.

A fund raising campaign has been initiated to restore the carousel to its original condition and construct a building to house the merry-go-round so it can be enjoyed year-round.

Architects are in the process of estimating the cost for the building and Botanica is reviewing the cost of repair and restoration.

The original owners of Joyland, the Ottaway family, purchased the carousel in 1949 and it has been in storage since the park closed in 2004.

The Ottaway family and the Nelson family will be an integral part in the planning and restoration process.

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