Park City residents relieved that fire didn’t spread further

WICHITA, Kansas – A small neighborhood had to be evacuated Sunday night after a fire.

On Monday, residents and businesses were relieved that the fire didn’t spread further.

“I thought our house was going to burn down. I was totally scared when we started to hear the booms, I mean, I really thought that we were done,” said Angie Carwee, forced to evacuate.

Carwee says luck was on her side Sunday afternoon when a fire broke out near her back yard.

“Huge shooting flames, clouds of smoke, the sky was so dark you couldn’t even see.”

But she did see the flames headed her way.

“My husband was on that side of the fence watering down that pile, and I was over here trying to wet all of this down.”

For safety reasons, emergency crews told Carwee and her neighbors to leave their homes.

KSN cameras caught what was left of the fire.

A melted down tractor trailer filled with plastic beads used for molding among other destroyed items.

“We’re looking at the mulch that they have down there decomposing and may have been the cause of the fire,” said Fire Chief Dan Wegner.

Wegner says the fire started at Evergreen Pallet LLC, a place fire investigators visit frequently every year.

He says heat, low humidity and high wind blowing to the north were all the perfect elements for fire starting in the compost.

Unfortunately, two other business located behind it were caught right in the middle along with nearby residents

“Very lucky, I’m just thankful nothing landed on the roof it would’ve been bad real bad,” said Carwee.

Although investigators have an idea of the cause, the investigation is not over.

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