Westar warning customers to be wary of fraudulent calls

WICHITA, Kansas – Westar Energy is alerting customers that fraudulent callers claiming to be Westar Energy employees are at work.

Several business owners have contacted Westar Energy’s Customer Relations Center after receiving suspicious calls.

In most cases, the caller asks for a pre-paid debit card or pre-paid Green Dot card to avoid disconnection of service.

Westar will never ask for a customer to purchase a pre-paid card to avoid disconnection of service.

“From customer recounts of these calls, the scammers are becoming more sophisticated,” Gina Penzig, director of corporate communications, said. “They may use the name of a local employee and provide what seems like a valid employee number. Customers may always request to call us back at our Customer Relations Center if they are suspicious of the caller. We will appreciate that they are diligent.”

For past-due accounts, calls from Westar Energy requesting payment are never made the same day as the disconnection.

The customer should always call Westar Energy back and verify the information.

If a customer receives a call that is suspicious, he or she should hang up and call the Westar Energy Customer Relations Center at 1-800-383-1183.

Customers can also report suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agency.

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