Safe rooms becoming more popular at the height of tornado season

Tornado Shelter (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Dale Zogleman works with concrete and rebar with safety in mind.

“We’re not building dog houses or tool sheds, we’re building life saving structures.”

As the man in charge of Protection Shelter, his products are designed to withstand the force of 250 mph wind.

Prices for the shelters can range from $4,000 to $400,000 for a unit.

It is not necessarily the most practical purchase for most.

“Start thinking about where they’re going to go, start thinking if there’s a community shelter, if they have a neighbor that has a shelter, I mean, they have to have a plan before the tornado siren goes off and everybody says take cover,” said Zogleman.

For those that live in apartments, it’s not that simple.

“Probably, get in my bathtub. I said, no, we do not have one so it was exciting when they let us vote on it,” said Grace Bishop, Wichita resident.

For communities like the Seneca Village, they took action, installing a unit that can fit everyone in the complex that also has a generator for extra power.

While it’s a great move by the complex, not everyone has that resource, so the best thing to do is to start formulating a plan.

“Everybody deserves a safe place to go when a tornado strikes,” added Zogleman.

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