KSN weather warn

KSN Weather Warn

KSN’s WeatherWarn is a service that will deliver severe weather bulletins and KSN’s forecasts to anyone who has a pager and e-mail service.  And best of all, the services are completely free of charge!

The KSN WeatherWarn Bulletins Service provides automatic forwarding of severe weather bulletins such as

  • Tornado Watches and Warnings
  • Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings
  • Flood Warnings
  • selected other advisories

from the National Weather Service.

Subscribe to the WeatherWarn Bulletin service (note: pager service also includes twice daily weather forecasts in addition to the weather bulletins).

Modify or Change your WeatherWarn Bulletin settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What “email address” do I put in to receive text messages on my phone after select the pager option?
The email address for your cell phone provider’s SMS gateway is explained on this site: SMS411.net.

Q. How much does it cost?
Nothing. This service is free from KSN.

Q. Will you keep my E-mail private?
Yes, absolutely. Your information will not be sold or given to any other organization.

Q. I get messages… but why are they blank?
Some older email programs, especially the original Microsoft Mail "Inbox" that comes with Windows 95, won’t properly display messages that have been forwarded from a listserver. The only way to fix this problem is to upgrade your Microsoft Mail Program or use another e-mail program like Netscape Mail or Eudora Mail Light. Please note that just because you have upgraded your www browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, that doesn’t mean your email program has been upgraded!  You must make sure to upgrade your email program.

Another possible culprit is your Internet Service Provider, or ISP, which may be accidentally filtering WeatherWarn bulletins as junk mail. If you are sure your email program is updated, please contact your ISP and ask for that to be checked.

Q. How hard is it to turn off the service?
It’s very easy. Just return to KSN.com and unsubscribe on the KSN WeatherWarn subscription page. To turn off the service to your pager, please return to the store for reprogramming.

Q. I don’t see any messages. How do I know if it’s working?
If you received the first message when you signed on to either your email account or to your pager, then you’re online.

Q. What if I change to another Internet service or change my email or pager address?
You must visit our signup/signoff form on our web page and remove your old email address and replace it with your new one.

Q. I’ve tried to sign off the service.. but I keep getting a message saying I’m not on the list. Yet, I still keep getting WeatherWarn bulletins.  How do I get off?
Usually, one of three things cause this:

  1. You signed up using an email address that is an alias or forwarding address like myname@hotmail.com and it forwards all email to myname@myserviceprovider.com You need to use the original address to signoff.
  2. You have an email address that was entered one way, but you can also use another…like myname@mailserver.myprovider.com but you typed in myname@myprovider.com which won’t work.
  3. You’ve mispelled your email address or left something out…really getting all those dots and @ signs in the right places can be tough!

Q. Can this service replace my other sources of weather information?
No. This service functions over the Internet, which can be unstable and open to service interruptions. The WeatherWarn E-Mail System is designed to be an “early warning” of approaching weather. It is recommended that users turn to KSN-TV for the latest and most complete weather information.



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