Kansas budget measure goes to Gov. Brownback

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – Kansas legislators have sent a budget bill to Gov. Sam Brownback that increases spending for services for the disabled and gives a $250 bonus to state employees.

The spending is included despite concerns about the state’s ability to sustain it long term.

The House voted 70-54 late Friday on the bill. The Senate approved the same measure, 22-18, earlier in the day.

Most of the state’s $14.6 billion in spending was handled in budgets adopted last year, but legislators took action to fund the Department of Corrections, as well as other state agencies.

Opponents in the House complained about the bill spending more than $200 million above the current year’s budget and that the full House never had a chance previously to debate and amend the spending measure.

Budget Breakdown:

Nearly $6 billion of the budget is set to come from state income tax; roughly 41% of the budget.

The budget calls for about 38,000 public employees to receive $250 bonuses in December, totaling about $9.5 million.

Again, the budget also includes more than $360 million for the Department of Corrections.

The 2015 fiscal year begins July 1.

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