Students in Wichita take stand against bullying

The Million T-Shirt March (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – It is a simple promise, not to bully and to report it if they see it, but that can be tough for kids.

“It’s kinda hard because you don’t want to become part of the problem and be brought into the drama too,” said Morrie Smith, Mayberry Middle Magnet student.

She says girls face more cyber bullying, nasty comments posted online, but with boys, it’s often physical.

“Pushing each other, calling names to each other, trying to bring other guys down,” said Brandon Ontiveros, Mayberry Middle Magnet student.

Since adults can also face bullying, many in the community signed the pledge.

It included talent from KSN.

It is not just the community.

Schools across the U.S. united on this day for the Million T-Shirt March.

Kids publicly stepping up to help not just the victim, but bullies too.

“Sometimes, kids have problems with their parents, and I think since they don’t have nobody to talk to, and they can’t with their parents, I think they take it out on other kids,” added Brandon.

A campaign of understanding why bullying happens and the first steps to stop it.

“It’s not a rite of passage, like a lot of people think it is. It’s about growing up in a safe environment and having a good experience in middle school,” said Principal Eric Hofer-Holdeman, Mayberry Middle Magnet.

Check out the anti-bullying information and resources by clicking here.

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