Men wear heels to ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’

GREAT BEND, Kansas — Hundreds of people came out to see grown men walk around in ladies shoes to raise awareness for domestic violence at the fifth annual “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event.

“Well, I think that it’s a tough subject to talk about and having guys wear high heels, it makes it not a joking matter but it makes it easier to talk about a hard subject,” said Brian Ewing, co-chair of the event.

Women and children watched as men embarrassed themselves for a good cause.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event in Great Bend, Kan.

“It’s amazing I can’t explain it enough, just to see that there are so many people that support the awareness of domestic violence. I’m a survivor of domestic violence, to see all these guys out here is amazing,” said Domestic Violence survivor Danielle Grubb.

All of the men participated in a march but forty of them ran a relay race in four inch red high heels.

The team from Sunflower Bank called the “Moneymen” won the relay.

“It’s just a really great thing to give back to the community and just really give that pledge saying that you’re against domestic violence,” said a member of the team.

The race also raises money to support the Family Crisis Center to help them in aiding women and while the guys like helping out the ladies, wearing high heels isn’t something they want to do every day.

“It was painful. I gave a lot more props to women everywhere. they’re not the most comfortable things to wear and that really, you know, got some burn going in the calves,” said Barton County Community College Students Juan Castaneda and Luis Reza.

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