Governor holds ceremonial signing of Safe Haven law

Governor Sam Brownback held a ceremonial signing of the Safe Haven law Thursday. (KSN Photo)

TOPEKA, Kansas – House Bill 2577 is now law.

Governor Sam Brownback held a ceremonial signing Thursday making it official.

The new law allows parents to be anonymous when they drop off a newborn baby under Safe Haven.

Lawmaker Jan Pauls of Hutchinson watched KSN stories on a Safe Haven baby being dropped off in Wichita and saw the woman’s picture on television because police and hospital authorities wanted to track her down for health reasons.

Pauls pushed for the changes saying it could save lives.

“A mother might feel pushed to keep it confidential, and not know what to do except to just abandon the child, and this will prevent that,” said Pauls.

The governor agrees.

“Things like this that make sense,” said Governor Brownback. “When people look at it, they go, wow, this really will save some lives.”

During the ceremony, Pauls thanked KSN.

“They got strongly on board and really helped publicize this law, and I truly believe it will save a lot of babies in the future.”

Both the governor and House member Jan Pauls said a word of thanks for KSN’s continuing coverage of the story and bringing it to the attention of lawmakers that the law had a loophole.

Both Pauls and Brownback say that loophole in the law is now closed.

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