Gun storage safety

WICHITA, Kan. — The recent incident that involved a 1-year-old being fatally shot by a 4-year-old has prompted several discussions about gun safety.

Responsible gun ownership is what experts say is the key to preventing tragedies.

“There is a fine line between safety in the home and being able to quickly get to my firearm when needed,” said Nathan McClure, a gun safety instructor.

There are several ways to keep you gun safe.

First, McClure suggests keeping you gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.

“I really like the gun vault, its strong its sturdy, I can bolt it to the table so no one can take it if I need to get to it quickly,” said McClure. “A simple combination allows me to quickly get my firearm when needed.”

If you don’t have a safe at home specifically for your gun, a great alternate can be to use a gun safety lock that is very easy to put together. Also, a majority of the time, the lock comes with the gun when purchased.

A simple cable keeps the gun from being loaded and completely stops accidental shootings.

Another tool, a gun safety DVD that the whole family can watch together, is a good way to start a conversation about safety.

Just a few easy steps like those can help save a life.

If you don’t have a safety lock, there are several places that offer them for free such as your local sheriff’s office or police station.

To learn more about gun safety in regards to protecting your family from accidental shootings you can visit the Project ChildSafe website.

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