Father and daughter leave Wichita on latest Honor Flight

WICHITA, Kansas – Together, they served America in World War II and Vietnam.

On Wednesday, a veteran got the chance to take her father, also a veteran, to visit the war memorials in Washington, DC.

John Novak and his daughter left Wichita on the latest Honor Flight.

The program gives vets a chance to visit the DC memorials.

The fact that this father-daughter team are both veterans makes it even more special.

“First time we left for the Alleutian Islands, first day we landed there May 11th and on the third day it snowed, all we had was pup tents to sleep in,” said John Novak, veteran.

“It feels really good to be able to be the one to take him. We both have something in common with being in the service. I’ve been wanting him to go for years, and he’s finally gonna go. It’ll be good for him. He deserves it,” said Ronda Lawruez, daughter.

The veterans and those accompanying them will return to Wichita Friday morning.

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