Bank of America sells branches

GREAT BEND, Kan. — Rural Kansans will be seeing less of Bank of America this year, as they sell eleven of their branches to local banks.

“It’s very exciting and it’s exciting to bring these new customers on,” said Paul Snapp the President and CEO of First Kansas Bank.

First Kansas Bank is buying three branches in Great Bend and Hays from Bank of America and he sees Bank of America’s consolidation as a plus for local banks, who will take over the deposit accounts.

“Their funds will be transferred over here into our bank, and we will have checks and debit cards out to them before that transition happens so they’ll have access to their money,” says Snapp.

First Kansas Bank will be keeping on the employees at Bank of America after their transition in mid July. They say they want their new customers to see the tellers they already know.

“They have knowledge of that customer base, so we’re pleased that those employees will have an opportunity to stay with us,” said Snapp.

Bank of America is working hard with the local banks that are buying their branches to make the transition to a new bank as easy as possible for it’s customers.

KSN reached out to Bank of America to find out more, but they didn’t return any of our calls.

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